Project Description

Traffic Stats

The total no of Clicks increased significantly after we fixed a lot of duplication from the website pages, as the structure becomes cleaner we can see a nice positive incline in the no of clicks, some related trends may affect the no of clicks on the daily basis but smart biweekly progress indicates 13% Increase in Clicks every 45 days.

Organic Search Clicks

Organic Search Impressions

Amount of impressions received from the search are also increasing which means more and more of our keywords are propagating on the 1st Page of Google Search.

In a nutshell the things look pretty amazing how CBDLiving performed in the search from past 3 months the amount of clicks and impressions keep increasing month over month also the CTR negative incline shows that we are moving and ranking more and more Generic keywords as the CTR for Brand queries is quite higher then the generic ones that explains it perfectly.

Keywords Statistics

Last 3 Months

Domain Health Status

We don’t have any mixed content all the pages are served over https protocol (Secured)

Pages are either 200 or 301 which is SEO Friendly all pages with Non-301 Codes are non index-ables for crawlers

As discussed we fixed all the duplicated pages shown as 0 by 14th February

Overall Page Structure looks healthy, All the mobile alternates are also operational and there are no failed URL’s although some non-200 pages which are not indexable.

Website Speed


We are already working on multiple optimization factors which can ensure that the website speed would not compromise, Speed is of utmost importance here as CBDLiving has Google Mobile First Index enabled and Google checks our Mobile version of website to rate us for desktop ranks as well. We have already took measures and design this plan on the right to ensure loading time under 3 Secs.

Off Site SEO Insights

Overall our back links are increasing. We make sure that we get our back links from authoritative websites. So it can make a significant effect on our search rankings.


Country – United States

On Average we improved our SERP positions without any decline, almost all the keywords see increase in rankings, the most critical insight is that almost all the important keywords are converging now on the first page